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InterVenn Biosciences

AI-Driven Mass Spectrometry Discovery and Validation Platform

Glycoproteomics, an emerging field at the intersection of proteomics and glycomics, holds great promise in biomarker and target discovery. This promise has been stymied by the enormous amount of data involved, laborious analysis pipelines, and reproducibility issues. By leveraging mass spectrometry, high resolution characterization of post-translational modifications, and artificial intelligence, InterVenn streamlines and expedites this process to ensure that any variability in the workflow – from sample collection, processing, and instrument performance – is drastically minimized to enable reproducible biological insights.


InterVenn has developed the first commercially available platform to exponentially improve the speed, scope, and scale of glycoproteomics. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced machine learning (ML), GlycoVision™ can do what a human operator would take months to achieve in a matter of minutes.

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